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Mogu'shan Vaults 10man
27/01/2013 14:31 by Twiddledum

Hey all

We made some nice progress yesterday in Mogu'shan Vaults 10man.
Here are some screenies from the downed bosses,

Well done to those who attended.
Cheers Tdum


Current guild status.
30/05/2012 08:52 by Twiddledee

After a long period of extensive raiding, our only officer who arranged the raids was forced to cut down on his playing time due to changes in his personal life. Because none of the few remaining officer could/wanted to arrange the raids, none where done. Causing most of our players to leave in search for raiding guilds. Reducing our number from 200+ players to less then 50....

We currently have a tight group of mature and social players who aren't into raiding that much.

We would however love to get a new raiding core going again and are looking for experienced officers/raid-leaders to arrange this. If you're interested please note so in your application.


BWD now 5/6 !!!
17/05/2011 08:06 by Twiddledee

Last sunday we managed to get a pretty smooth run in Blackwing Decent.
Both Chimaeron and Atramedes wend down easily.

BWD is now 5/6 !! Just one more boss to go.


More progress
26/04/2011 09:28 by Twiddledee

After wiping on the Omnitron Defense System for way too long last friday we decided to call it.

Sunday we continued and managed to get them down once again and managed to als down Maloriak with the guild. Good job to those present.

It's seems our raid-group is finally getting the hang of things.


Blackwing Descent progress
18/04/2011 16:07 by Twiddledee

Hi everyone,

we finally managed to get some work done in BWD. First two bosses down with mostly guildies. GJ and Gratz to Twiddledum and the team that joined him.




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