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Argaloth is no more....
03/03/2011 08:54 by Twiddledee.

Good job on Baradin Hold yesterday everyone !!!

After so many Argaloth kills with just a pug to many we finally did it with a guild group.

And here's the proud group who made it possible !!

On to the next challenge guys ;)




Congrats guys! :DAshige at 11/03/2011 06:59
Major overhaul comming !!!
24/02/2011 15:23 by Twiddledee.

We've noticed that with the current amount of members, and the fact that there's a lot of people who want to raid, it's time for some changes to the guild. This means changes both to the site and ingame to better facilitate everyone's whishes.

Things we're planning on changing (some things still under review):

  • We'll be completely reviewing the site and make changes as needed. (Some texts need to be updated)
  • A Donation button has been put up for those who want to give some financial support.
  • Raid calendar will return to the site
  • Complete redesign of the ranks (they will be a lot clearer and simpler)
  • Sorting of the Guildbank tabs (Names, items, access rights, etc.)
  • Filling the current empty officer spots (Still under heavy review !!)
  • The return of our fun guild events.

So expect to see some great improvements to our guild in the comming weeks.




None yet.

Raiding is here again.....
05/01/2011 15:52 by Twiddledee.

First off, a very happy new year to everyone !!!

Now that most people have a nicely geared level 85 toon, it's time for Full Mithril Jacket to start raiding Cataclysm content.

Starting January 12th we will do:
-Baradin Hold on Wednesdays
-Blackwing Descent on Fridays
-The Bastion of Twilight on Sundays

So it's time to get those enchants sorted, those empty slots filled with new Cataclysm shinies and head over to Tankspot to check out what awaits you !

Per January 1st we will no longer be using the ingame calendar. Instead we'll be using the site calendar for raids, events and stuff like that.
Reason for this decision is that:
-It has some more advanced features then the ingame one.
-It's easier to manage.
-Gives people easier access (You can view/accept/etc from basically anywhere you can use a browser)
-Get people to actually use the site.




Regarding Raiding.
My ventrilo server is up and running again so i hope T or D or any of the other moderators read this :p
we no longer need to "rent" Lov`s ventrilo server

Twiddledee at 28/01/2011 22:42
Been there, done that.....
12/11/2010 16:33 by Twiddledee.

First of, sorry for the lack of news updates. Things have been kind of crazy irl for me.

Last month the guild finally managed to down the Lich King. Good job to all those dedicated raiders who made this achievement possible. Propje is working on a nice peace of text for the frontpage, but he is quite occupied with other stuff in his life. As soon as it's done i'll put it up.

Although we still run ICC in 2 groups on a weekly bases, it's all been done before. With the comming of Cataclysm in a little over 3 weeks, the motivation has dropped a bit. For me it feels like we're living in void. Eagerly awaiting that new content, those new abilities and having to level up once more. Just like with the coming of WotLK the first 'greenies' dropped in the new zones will probably be better that the epics we currently wear. Until the magical date of december 7th all we can do is wait and maybe work on those achievements we neven thought we would get around to doing.




None yet.

The Lich King is awaiting.
28/06/2010 08:44 by Twiddledee.

Dear Full Mithril Jacket Members,

For the last weeks we made very good progress in ICC10. In June we killed 4 new bosses and finally made the progress we deserve. Starting on the 4th of June we saved Valithria Dreamwalker. In the dying seconds of the fight Illadar dove into the last portals and with some awesome heals he put her back in business. The rest of the raid group sacrificed their lives to get Illadar that last boost he needed to finish the job.

Then on the 12th of June we unravelled the secrets of the Plague quarters by killing one of the hardest bosses around. From that day Professor Putricide didn't frighten us anymore. Both Valithria & Putrcide have learned the FMJ lesson several times since then. Storming the Citadel once again on the 19th of June we kicked some (Blood) Princes down to the floor. You may be a royalty but the floor still feels cold after a beating of the FMJ crew. And finally on the 25th of June we downed the Blood-Queen Lana'thel. Arthas shivers when he walks thru the empty and cold Crimson Halls. Again he lost a bastion of evil. For the first time since he lost his humanity he feels fear again. FMJ is getting closer & closer.

Only Sindrogosa stands in our way to the last and final battle. The epic conquest of (King)slaying the Lich King is coming our way. Prepare yourself FMJ. Sharpen your blades, polish your wands & fix your staves. Cause we're gonna break down the Icecrown House.... eeeeeh Citadel.

I would like to thank the following people that joined us on all these fun, frustrating, epic, long and tiresome raid evenings:

Mirion, Flynski, Elfispresley, Markymark, Heali, Ashige, Mauritz, Unknownight, Nixer, Vikingpower, Mylg, Lifesreaper, Shujin, Provoken, Twiddledee, Illadar, Twiddledum

I might have forgetten somebody. If so, please tell me and i will update the list. Because you deserve these credits!!!

As said before you guys make this cow proud (/cry).

ICC10 10/12 - Sindragosa is waiting for us to put her to bed.

Best regards,

A cow called Propje

PS. Some bad news :S. We need to go back to make some pictures. I knew there was something I forgot ;)!!


None yet.

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